3D Animation design and development for Film, AR, VR, MR, VFX, Gaming, 3D film-Training and Production work

3D rigs & Animation - FX

Developing 3D rigging and animating 3D characters and objects for 3D animation films, VFX films, gaming, AR, VR, web, and apps.



9 Months

1 hour daily

Online | Onsite | Classroom | Hybrid Training


10+ years Experienced

  • 1 Hr class daily

  • Available online training and classroom training

  • Affordable Fee to develop your skills for your career growth

  • Flexible timings

  • Experienced production faculty from industry

  • Free internship and corporate placements,

  • 4 to 7 Students per batch

  • Industry standard assignments and evaluation

  • Certification

Highly demanded job-oriented course in present industry and job market

Minimum Qualification and Resources

  • Students should have a minimum 12th qualification.

  • Students should have good skills with listening, reading, talking, and writing, in English.

  • Students should practice or work a minimum of 6 hrs every day on assignments.

  • Students should have Personal Laptop or Desktop (i7, 16GB, Full HD 4 GB graphics card, Wacom Pen, and Tab).

  • Students should have skills with basic of computers.

  • Students should have concentration, hard work, able to spend more time with practice, good grasping skills, curiosity to learn, and experiment.

  • Students should submit assessments and portfolios to academy as per faculty instructions.

  • Students must be regular and punctual.

Master class with Industry softwares, plugins, and tools. 4 to 8 industry softwares will be covered accordingly in this training program.

Animation VFX Gaming training in Visakhapatnam
Animation VFX Gaming training in Visakhapatnam
  • Sketching:- Basic shape drawing, shading, object sketching, drawing in one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective, frame-to-frame drawing.

  • 2D animation foundation:- Introduction to the lightbox, 2D animation cartoons, basics, and foundation.

  • Principles:- Principles of rigging, animation, modeling, mechanical and medical anatomy, bone and joint functioning in humans, dinosaurs, fish, and birds.

  • Photography:- Wildlife photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, videography.

  • Storyboard:- Understanding and working with storyboards, creating, designing, and developing storyboards.

  • Introduction:- Introduction to all departments in 3D, such as modeling, texturing, lighting, materials, shaders, rigging, 2D animation, 3D animation FX, and rendering.

Specializations and Master classes

Learning and working with industry-standard assignments, tasks, and projects. Developing skills to meet industry requirements in engraving. 3D camera layouts | layout animation | 3D rigging | 3D animation | 2D rigging | 3D animation | animation FX

Students will learn

Welcome to our institute! We are excited to offer a comprehensive 3D Animation and Design course that will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the creative and 3D entertainment industry.

In today's world, there is a tremendous demand for skilled 3D artists and content designers. Industries such as VFX films, 3D animation films, 3D gaming, AR, and VR rely heavily on the talents of these professionals to create stunning visual experiences that captivate audiences.

Hard work and dedication to quality are the keys to success in this field. Our program is designed to challenge and inspire you to reach your full potential, pushing you to create work that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Upon completing our course, you will be fully prepared to launch a career as a 3D content designer, 3D artist, or 3D developer. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with hands-on experience using the latest tools and technologies in the field, ensuring that you are ready to hit the ground running in a fast-paced industry.

At our institute, we are committed to your success. Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. With our supportive learning environment and personalized instruction, you will have the guidance you need to reach your full potential.

Thank you for considering our institute as your partner in achieving your career aspirations. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of talented and creative professionals.

Teaching methods and assignments are designed up to industry standards. Very easy to learn and understand. also it is very interesting with learning and  working on Graphics, Motion Graphics, and Branding.

NOTE: Limited details regarding the course. Contact for more information and details.

  • 3D Camera Layouts:- Introduction to 3D cameras in software, 3D camera settings, types of 3D cameras, working with cameras.

  • Layout Animation:- Camera animation, camera FX, camera rigging, working with the camera as a storyboard.

  • 3D Rigging and Advanced Animation Principles:- Introduction & advanced to joints and bones, theory of human anatomy, theory of mechanical mechanisms. Human rig, bird rig, animal rig, robot rig, cartoon rig, camera rig, light rig, FX rig, prop rig, and vehicle rig.

  • Advanced 3D Animation and Master Class:- Introduction & advanced to 2D - 2.5D - 3D animation, human character animation, 4-leg animation, cartoon animation, facial animation, FX animation, and more. Understanding acting, facial expressions, developing feelings and emotions, elaboration techniques, look and feel development