Best Software Designer and Developer in Visakhapatnam
Best Software Designer and Developer in Visakhapatnam

Jaya Kishore

I started as a faculty member when I was 18 years old. In addition to my role, I also worked on projects as a freelancer.

I have worked in and gained experience with corporate industries such as Financial Technology, Educational Technology, Information Technology, 3D Entertainment & Design, Software Design and Development, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Data Technology.

Experience with Institutions and Colleges

With over 14 years of extensive experience, I have been providing training both in the classroom and online since 2007. I have held various positions including Dean, CTO, Technical Head, Senior Corporate Trainer, and Production Faculty.

I have trained more than 5000 students at institutions colleges and corporate companies such as Technosoft Solutions, Cavalier Animation College, Frameboxx, Aptech, ARENA, MAAC India, Pixels Academy, CADD Center, LiveWire, 2AdPro, Avataar, Param, Pentasoft, IEC, HC, T SYS, 2adpro, and more.

I have strong hands-on experience in design, development, and production operations, worked as an outsourcer, full-time employee, contractor, freelancer, and on remote, on-site, and project-based assignments since 2007. I have collaborated with companies and corporate entities such as Meraux Animation Studios, TA Wallet, Transactionanalysts, 2AdPro, Maac 24 fps, Greendot Digital Films, RiseCorp, Pixels Production, Hostinger, Space Creation Architectural Building Design & Palagiri, REP EPS, Apkapay, RightPay, Ciri Creation, Avataar & SVC, and more.

Experience with Development Companies and Production Houses

5000+ Students

200+ Clients

14+ Years Experience

1000+ Projects

50+ Companies

Senior UI & UX Designer and Developer

Apps | Websites & Applications | Softwares | Gaming | Film | System OS | Search engine | and More

UX Solutions and Business Conseltent

Product & Services development | Marketing | Sales | Projects | More

VFX Creator and Director

VFX Films | 3D Animation Films | Gaming

Corporate Trainer and Production Faculty

Softwares | Design & Development | Business | Projects | Quality | Management

Best Software design and Development
Best Software design and Development